Anal Vision 18 (1993)

Starring: Kitty Yung, Janice Somers, Brooke Ashley, Alex Sanders, Max Hardcore.
Sorry, Wrong Number – When Kitty receives an obscene phone call. She’s not at all shy about telling him what she wants – A hard cock up her tight sphinctoschmecker! Our caller works better in person, and before long he’s knockin’ at her back door!
Anal Dreams – When Janice answers the door for the dirty magazine salesman, you can bet it’s the back door, and he’s welcome to cum in! Whether it’s deep stroking anal, or deep throat, there’s nothing on those pages that Janice doesn’t do better!
Private Affair – When it comes to hammering home a point, few guys do it like Alex… and that’s just the way Brooke likes it – deep, hard, and between her pretty cheeks… it’s the stuff wet dreams are made of!

No Pass

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