Anal Vision 12 (1993)

Starring: Kim Saunders, Natalie Harris, Silver Dawn.
In I Need A Man, can’t a girl get a drink around this place? Not tonight darling, but you can get a big hard cock pounding up your tight little arse! That seems to satisfy her, but it’s not until he jerks her off a frothy soda that her thirst is fully quenched! Next, in Devil in a Red Suit, cute little Natalie has a very nasty habit – she likes dressing up in a tiny thong bikini, super high heel pumps, and the reddest lipstick to lure herself a stud willing to fulfill her every desire and orifice! She finds the buy all right! Finally, in The Sandwich, adorable Kim finds herself in a tight spot when she meets three guys who are intent on making her the main meal in an awesome 4-way that has her every hole stuffed at the same time! But of course the feast wouldn’t be complete until she gets her desert as all three guys cum in her face and open mouth! Check please.

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