Anal Vision 1 (1992)

Starring: Keke Kaner, Chelsea Lane, Freda.
In Bust My Buns, gorgeous Keke suns herself by the pool. Her thoughts soon turn to pleasure. . . of the deep back door variety. Her dream lover rises, Phoenix-like from the pool to ravish her and bring her to the zenith of anal rapture. Next in Freda’s Flowers, Freda is a beautiful flower who loves to spread her petals. Between he lovely pink folds of her bloom, is the tightest little ass around. Chelsea wants it hard it hard and wet between her cheeks. Finally in Lady in the Pink Dress, Chelsea’s mind is a trap! What she wants, she gets and what she wants is hard and wet and between the cheeks of her moon. But what she really needs is a hot, cream facial and her boyfriend is only to happy to comply! Just don’t soil her pretty pink dress. Ohhh – too late!

No Pass

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