Anal Senorita 2 (1995)

Director: Rex Borsky
Starring: Nicole Lace, Bunny Bleu, Angie, Gina Delany, Jill Kelly, Anna Malle, Jon Dough, Jake Steed, Kyle Stone, Tom Byron.
You won’t have to catch too much of this one before you’ll be shouting, “Si, si!.” Some muy caliente senoritas with a penchant for rear-entry romping make this one a non-stop winner. This sexvid is white-hot from the get-go, as Jill Kelly and Anna Malle strive to drive Jon Dough right out of his mind. Both women are at their hottest, providing some sweaty and tenacious action throughout the scene, showing why they’re considered to be two of the most consistently erotic performers in the industry. Later on, precious little Nikole Lace finds that the back door is often the best one to take in a frenetic free-for-all with Kyle Stone. If you just can’t get enough of Nikole’s delicious figure (and who could?), she shows up again in an energetic three-way with Bunny Bleu and Tom Byron. Nikole proves herself to be a wonderfully willing and compliant performers, making the scene her own with some enthusiastic and fiery sexing. The technical aspects of this video are all top-flight, which compliments the high quality of the action. It’s nice when you feel that the filmmakers took their time with a sexvid, and here, it’s clear that they did. The results speak for themselves.

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