Anal Maniacs 5 – Jacklyn Licks (1997)

Starring: Jacklyn Lick, Sid Deuce, Kaitlyn Ashley, Bobby, La Tigra, Alex Sanders, Cassidy, Jay Ashley.
eteran porno stud Alex Sanders directed this steamy dose of backdoor sizzle. He shows a knack for drawing particularly torrid performances out of his lascivious leading ladies. Sure, it’s a totally low budget, shot-in-an-afternoon grinder, but that doesn’t mean that there are not plenty of thrills packed in. That’s mainly due to the high quality of the female talent that Alex lined up — each of the gals featured here is a true knockout. Jacklyn Lick’s a hot-to-trot brunette stunner whose lusty leer is sure to raise a few hackles. Sid Deuce is looking particularly hot throughout this one, sporting one of the tightest figures in the business and a sex-starved attitude that’s never out of style. Lesser-known video vixen La Tigra also shines, flaunting her gorgeous little frame and lust for backdoor action from the moment she hits the screen. And of course Kaitlyn Ashley’s on hand as well, bumping and grinding her way through yet another blistering on-screen boff. It’s yet another ball busting all anal extravaganza from Wicked.

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