Anal Intruder 9 (1995)

Directors: Teri Diver, Tom Elliot
Starring: Jordan Lee, Nikki Sinn, Teri Diver, Kim Chambers, Vince Voyeur, Tony Tedeschi, Tom Chapman.
The aliens have landed. They’re blue and green but can assume the color of humans. Who they suck the life out of through anal sex. (Kind of like your ex-wife did.)
This is the story of the FBI agents who track them down. But it’s really the story of hot anal love and nasty chicks who just can’t say no.
Presenting Tom & Teri Diver’s Anal-Intruder-9, starring foxy Nikki Sinn, Jordan Lee, and Kim Chambers.
Beam yourself up. Or just wait…and they’ll beam it up for you.
Beam yourself up, or just wait…and they’ll beam it up for you.

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