Anal Interrogation (1995)

Director: Jonathan Morgan
Starring: Randi Storm, Emily Hill, Missy, Bridgette Monroe, Kimberly Kummings, Steve Hatcher, Tom Byron, Sean Rider, Ian Daniels, Nick Rage, Warren Scott, Trent Roe, Jonathan Morgan, Morgan Lefay, Jake Williams, Sean Rider, Micky.
Fans of very busty starlets will get an eyeful from this fast, virtually plotless collection of anal segments. It’s directed by veteran porno stud Jonathan Morgan, who holds back on some of the silliness that marks many of his performances and pretty much lets the sex speak for itself. Missy turns in another sparkling sexual turn, showing off the positive attitude and simple sex crazed demeanor that’s made her one of the 90’s hottest performers. And busty tantalizer Kimberly Kummings shows off some nice up-front assets in her scene, taking on her amorous assignment with pure relish. The absolute erotic high point of the film, though, finds scrumptious young Randi Storm living out one of her deepest fantasies. She’s always wanted to be ‘taken’ by a group of movers, and Morgan lets her live her dreams in a feverish fling with four rough-and-tumble studs who drive her every which way but loose. Randi revels in their tawdry attentions, becoming visibly aroused as they pack her every orifice with lust. She’s an insatiable sex beast who simply can’t get enough, and her scene stands out as the blistering high point of this first-rate anal epic.

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