Anal Europe 6 – Anal Luck (1994)

Director: Rob King
Starring: Valeria, Isis Nile, Stephanie DuValle, Buck Adams, Dick Nasty, J.R. Anthony.
Las Vegas is a town with a lot of luck. Unfortunately for some, a lot of this luck is bad luck. Just ask Dick Nasty and J.R. Anthony, these two lost their shirts, not to mention their cars and wedding rings. Dick was able to smooth things over with his wife, Stephanie DuValle, with a trip down the old dirt road. But J.R. wasn’t that lucky. J.R.’s wife, Valeria, was expecting a BMW and a trip to Greece. And even though J.R. did give her a Greek Style gift it wasn’t enough to keep her happy. So, she set out to get back her car and money. Valeria was able to track down loan shark Buck Adams, who had her possessions. Although she found Buck unsympathetic to her needs, his wife Isis Nile was very sympathetic to her needs, her anal needs! Isis enjoyed their encounter so much she gave Valeria her car back! Isis felt so good about her good deed, she was more than happy to care for Bucks lead pipe.

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