Anal Booty Burner 1 (1996)

Director: Rex Borsky
Starring: Davia Ardell, Mila Shegol, Alyssa Allure, Holly Body, Christina De’Oar, Kimberly Jade, Marc Wallice, Jake Steed, Tom Byron.
Why is it that so many of these Rosebud anal flicks have titles that sound like some kind of sixth grade prank perpetrated on unsuspecting Ralph Wiggum-esque nerds? Well, it must be kind of hard thinking up forty titles a year that start with the word ‘anal’ without tossing in a few clinkers. That said, this is another white-hot collection of high energy group gropes with an anal focus, once again expertly lensed by veteran director Rex Borsky. His many fans won’t be disappointed, as he once again covers all the bawdy bases in one blisteringly hot scene after another. Nasty Mila Shegol and gorgeous Davia Arnell both get in their licks during a frenetic threeway with Tom Byron, setting the feature off on a steamy, frantic pace. Next, Alyssa Allure shows that she can hold her own with the heartiest of hunks when she takes on Jake Steed and Marc Wallice in a delirious double penetration scene. Holly Body’s pendulous boobs lend a jigglicious edge to the following fourway, as she and Kimberly Jade give it their all to satisfy a pair of well-equipped studs. Finally, Davia’s back for more, tossing her tasty little frame into a bodacious interracial threeway with Tom Byron and luscious ebony enchantress Dior. Both girls experience some back door plundering courtesy of Tom, although Dior doesn’t seem to be all that enamored of the experience. Still, this is yet another in the long line of top-flight anal flicks from Rosebud and Borsky, proving that nothing beats a simple concept that’s been honed to perfection.

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