Anal Asylum (2001)

Starring: Roxanne Hall, Dakota, Kimi Cee, Phyllisa Ann, Serena, Kiki, Carole Comms, Katlyn, John Decker, Valentino, Rod Fontana, Matt Jade, Brian Surewood, Spartaco, Emon.
Be prepared for a non-stop trek to the far reaches of out-there eroticism when you step through the doors of this anal asylum. This is a strange video, full of surreal images juxtaposed with gripping, intense back door hardcore. Those looking for some rough-edged new thrills will flock to this one, which overflows with Dark Brothers-style sexual insanity. There’s some thin plot thread about a mental ward for the criminally insane or something, but the only thing this one’s really got on its mind is pure down and dirty fun. Roxanne Hall stands out, once again showing why she’s one of the most consistently enticing pornsters of the last ten years. Her body’s still as lithesome and lovely as ever and she certainly has no problem getting a rise out of John Decker in one slam-bang sequence. Scrumptious little Kimi Gee moans her sultry way through a penetrating rear entry romp with Rod Fontana in a surprisingly enthusiastic session. Full-throttle lust bomb Dakota might just take home the ‘best of show’ prize, though, with her stellar work opposite Tyce Bune and Valentino. Dakota takes charge of the scene from the get-go and drives both partners through the roof with her sex-crazed and spirited hunger for more. While not for everyone, a visit to this asylum might be just what some fans of off-beat video heat have in mind.

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