Amadeus Mozart (1995)

Director: Joe D’Amato
Starring: Sheila Stanton, Shalimar, Deborah Wells, Kelly Trump, Nicolette, Backey Jakic, Max Magnum, Sean Michaels, Valentino.
You’ve undoubtedly heard of the famous classical composer Mozart, but you may not be fully aware as to why he was so damn good on the harpsichord. you see, more important than Mozart’s love for music was his lust for the opposite sex, and making music was simply his way of getting beautiful babes to make love– to him. but he wasn’t without his rivals, other oversexed prodigies who also knew how to use their talents to seduce the most beautiful women in Europe- including the queen! Who’d have thought that those guys in their powdered wigs and dandy costumes were getting so much ass.

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