All That Glitters (1992)

Director: Jean-Pierre Ferrand
Starring: Erica Boyer, Raven, Chrissy Ann, Teri Diver, Cal Jammer, Ted Wilson, Austin Moore, Steve Drake.
Erica Boyer and Raven play a couple of money-hungry gold diggers who set their sights on the big score in this steamy opus. It seems that Erica’s not happy with the earning potential of her live-in lover Austin Moore, so she calls up gal pal Raven’s company. Raven runs some sort of investment brokerage and sets Erica up with a cushy job. To celebrate, the two leggy lookers delve into some steamy Sapphic sizzling. Raven’s secretary Teri Diver gets upset at this preferential treatment, and is even less happy when she’s coerced into sex with client Steve Drake. Teri decides to get back at Raven by any means necessary. Meanwhile, Raven’s matched up sweet little Chrissy Ann with a couple of her well-built clients and left them to engage in a blistering threeway tussle. Little does Raven suspect that Chrissy and Teri have hatched a plan behind her back to cut her out of the profits entirely! The whole things is pretty silly and betrays scant knowledge of the business world, but there is plenty of passion on hand. Fans of Teri or Erica will especially like this one, as it displays them in prime form. A fine feature from some of the best performers of their day, this one’s a great pick for those looking for a tasty throwback.

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