All American Hustler (1976)

Director: Huck Walker
Starring: Mickie Lynn, Candy Kay, Tricia Opal, Michael Pataki, Tina Smith.
All American Hustler is so bleak and depressing I can picture a hairy-palmed grindhouse veteran flog his hog, then shuffle out of the theatre and step in front of a bus. I hope director Huck Walker wasn?t around any loaded guns.
MICKIE LYNN stars as Carol, a high-priced call girl trapped in a whirlpool of frenzied sex. The film covers the last two days of her life. Carol shakes her money maker at parties for balding, greasy hipsters and services a variety of slobs. She also meets a strange cult leader, chugs from a coconut and participates in an orgy.
Everyone she meets is messed up. Her girlfriend Candy is a heroin addict (jabbing needles in her veins in scary closeup) and even her customers are psychos. (“You shouldn?t use language like that. It cheapens you,” scolds a weirdo. Michael Pataki (Dracula?s Dog, Grave of the Vampire, etc.) turns up as her angry boyfriend.
As an added bonus we get three songs. A fat black woman warbles a song called “Unlucky Me”, a hitchhiker sings about killing people, and even tone deaf Carol, who couldn?t carry a tune if it was strapped to her back, bleats a number entitled, “How it all Began”.It?s no wonder Carol?s life spirals out of control, ending in suicide.
This one?s a real tear-jerker. Even Bucky had to be talked down off a ledge! Pass the razor…

No Pass

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