Alice – A Fairy Love Tale (2009)

Starring: Stacey Saran, Ben Dover, Stacey Saran, Kit Lee, Kat Lee, Dimitri, Dirty Dog, Michelle Thorne, Jodie James, Steve, Jay S, Cindy Behr, India, Lexi, Dirty Dog, Tony James, Paul Chaplin, Cory Everson, Barbora Brill, Adam.
Director Paul Chaplin invites you to look through the looking glass to find Alice (Stacy Saran) a tormented and housebound girl that dreams of escaping her surroundings. Lucky for her, she is transported to a strange land where she meets a set of none-too-bright twins (Kit and Kate Lee), talking cards, a white rabbit and an angry queen. Each encounter provides her with a new sexual understanding, and many new experiences.

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