Adolescenti Vogliose (1986)

AKA: Adoloscentes Para Satiros
La Debauche Infernale
Deep Opening
The Perverse Woman
Studio De Plaisirs
Director: Pierre B. Reinhard
Starring: Marilyn Jess, Marina Hedman, Michelle davy, Andre Kay, Alban Ceray, Gil Lagardere.
Marina and a male have sex while Alban watches. Andre Kay meets Michelle Davy and they go to their flat, Gil turns up, slips on a broken egg and falls unconscious. He is seduced by Michelle Davy when he wakes.
The maid strips for Marina and Alban, opens a bottle in a very unusual way, then sits on a very large candle. Alban and Marina go at it in the background. A male enters and is invited to join the maid and Marina. Alban watches. Michelle Davy and Andre Kay arrive. Andre has a bath and the maid joins him.
Marina and Michelle have a lesbian session. Andre is a painter. Marina has invited Marilyn Jess round and the two model for him resulting in a threesome. Michelle peeps and Alban sneaks up behind her and they have sex. Michelle has a threesome in the bath with Gil and the other male. Finally all pose for a Roman orgy, which turns into a real orgy.

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