A Portrait Of Dorian (1993)

Director: Marc Wallace
Starring: Ona Zee, Leena, Teri Diver, Bionca, Steve Drake, Peter North, Marc Wallice, Jonathan Morgan.
Ona Zee turns in one of the best performances of her carnal career in this steamy and moody sexvid. She stars as a struggling actress who desperately wants to land the starring role in a new big-budget feature. The producer (Marc Wallice) doesn’t want to give her the role unless she puts out, though. Ona’s eventually driven to sell her soul for a shot at the part, and the next day a portrait of her mysteriously shows up at her door. From there, the flick becomes a strange porno mixture of “Portrait of Dorian Gray” and “Dr. Faustus” as Ona begins her climb up the ladder of lascivious success. She’s looking her prettiest and throws down a couple of torrid scenes, an office romp with Peter North and the closer, a sensual session with Jonathan Morgan. It’s Leena who all but steals the show, though, shining in an achingly erotic poolside rendezvous with North that’s the hottest scene in the flick. Leena’s luscious body and super-charged approach raise the sequence into the sexual stratosphere, cranking up the heat in a feature that’s already ultra-hot. Although the plot doesn’t end up making much sense, by the time this one’s over you won’t be worrying about the story at all.

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