A License To Thrill (1985)

AKA: Jane Bond Meets Dr Yess
Director: Jack Remy
Starring: Heather Wayne, Kari Foxx, Tami White, Athena Star, Chanel Price, Dan T. Mann, Steve Drake, Tony El-Ay.
Luscious Heather Wayne stars in this scintillating spoof of the spy game. Heather plays erotic undercover agent 0069, a woman who always gets her man — or woman! She’s got a license to thrill and she’s not afraid to use it, unleashing her passionate powers on anyone who stands in her way. She’s confronted with a series of salacious supervillains bent on world domination, led by the nefarious Dr. Yes (Tony El-Lay). Heather’s got her work cut out for her, but with the help of some sexy sidekicks she’s sure to save the day! Filled with white-hot action, breathtaking performers and plenty of plot twists and turns, ‘License to Thrill’ delivers high adventure and eroticism in enticingly equal measure.

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