A Dirty Western (1975)

Director: Adele Robbins
Starring: Barbara Bourbon, Simone, Richard O’Neal, Geoffrey Parker, Dick Payne, Levi Richards, Vern Ross, Lois Grant, Gloria Hope, Taylor Wayne, L.Q. O’Donnel, Sonny Francese.
One of the classics of early hardcore, this release follows a band of escaped convicts as they scurry through the Old West. There’s a posse in hot pursuit, but these grizzled cowpokes always find time for some passionate poking on the side. The escapees find refuge at the farmstead of luscious Barbara Bourbon, who they ravage in scenes of raw, unfettered raunch. They then take off again, this time with Barbara’s three scrumptious young daughters. When they finally get to their Hole in the Wall hideout, the action really heats up. Lots of amorous outdoor antics help spice up this white-hot feature, as the cowboys and their gals engage in all manner of heated hi jinx on the prairie. Saddle up.

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