69 Minutes Evening News 1 (1986)

AKA: Nudes At Eleven 1
Starring: Tracey Adams, Babmi Allen, Tish Ambrose, Breezy Lane, Micala Davidson, Jeannie Pepper, Jeff Scott, William Margold, Andy Rooney.
This romp is a fast-paced send-up of ’60 Minutes,’ of course. Curvaceaous cutie Tracey Adams serves as your host, guiding viewers on a global look at sexual customs… or something like that. We begin in Sweden, where a trio of Frenchies are competing in the 10th Annual Cunnilingus Championship. After this mouthwatering salvo, we head to Japan, where Tish Ambrose and Jeff Scott engage in a goofy bout of Eastern-tinged eroticism, complete with ubiquitous instant cameras around their neck. In the Middle Eastern land of Labia, we meet Arab despot William Margold, who appeals to then – President Reagan to send him a buxom California beach bunny. Surprisingly, one promptly shows up and treats him to a blistering boff session right then and there. This is followed by a segment in which American as only she can. Toss in a goofy parody of Andy Rooney and you’ve got a perfect example of a mid-80’s spoof-style sex-vid Fun from start to finish.

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