3 Hommes Et 1 Geisha (1990)

AKA: Three Men And A Geisha
Director: Charlie Diamond
Starring: Mai Lin, Jade East, Cassandra Cappuci, Alice Springs, Ron Jeremy, Wayne Summers, Joey Silvera, Charles Diamond.
Some highly dubious racial politics lends an edge to this otherwise stellar collection of couplings. The action begins when a group of poker buddies finds that one of their members has kicked the proverbial bucket. Mr. Wu, as he was known, leaves them a credit card in his will, with the simple instructions that they are to use it at a brothel he knows of that caters to Asian men only. As such, the three guys have to disguise themselves in some fairly ridiculous and somewhat offensive ways in order to sneak into the house of ill repute. Once inside, the flick follows them as they ravish the local talent. That’s it for a plot, but it’s sex that is this video’s only reason to exist. As such, there’s plenty of jaw-droppingly hot stuff laced throughout. Jade East shines in a steamy scene, taking on Joey Silvera in a passionate plunge that opens the action. Alice Springs is definitely not Asian, but the Aussie lass turns in some outstandingly torrid work opposite Wayne Summers nonetheless. Mai Lin gets the most work here, romping with Ron Jeremy and Wayne in a pair of back-to-back boffs. Finally, Ron gets his hairy self shaved down and then joins older blonde bombshell Cassandra Cappuci for a climactic clinch that sends this one off on a freaky high note. Lots of high-pitched sex will help distract you from the dicey Asian stereotyping throughout most of this one.

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